Common Calls – A beginner’s handbook

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Go on the lads (p.s. look at the ends of my pants….)

Episode 1 – When Dave and I were developing the idea for this site our mandate was to provide medical education/information in a practical and an on-the-ground fashion.

In medicine, the more you see the better you get, and as interns we haven’t seen that much….. not yet anyway, we can’t of! But that doesn’t stop the calls from the wards coming in when you are on nights in a level 1 trauma hospital! It’s a time where you can shine or a time when you look vulnerable.

But don’t worry, this section will detail the most common bleeps that an intern in Ireland (and I imagine the UK) will have to deal with when on call in this era of EWS scores that we now live in.

Before we begin I would ask you to follow three simple rules if you end up using them in real life:

  1. Be pragmatic (the greatest skill of any on-call doctor….. my opinion, but tell me how it’s not!!)
  2. When in doubt – call for senior help (If pragmatism is the greatest skill, calling for backup when you are unsure is the greatest strength)


“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

                                                   – Mike Tyson

…. I just really like that quote



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