Chest Pain

Scary at first, but with a cool head and a simple approach it can become one of your strong suits.


Common Calls – A beginner’s handbook

Episode 1 – When Dave and I were developing the idea for this site our mandate was to provide medical education/information in a practical and an on-the-ground fashion. In medicine, the more you see the better you get, and as interns we haven’t seen that much….. not yet anyway, we can’t of! But that doesn’t stop the…

Atrial Fibrillation Basics

  Atrial Fibrillation: Background Atrial Fibrillation – described as a ‘chaotic electric storm’ of the sino-atrial (SA) node is a cardiac dysrhythmia which results in irregular atrial discharges between 300-600/min. The irregular, non-stop arrival of conductance to the AV node leads to uncoordinated contraction (Warning: Real Heart!) between the atria and ventricles – thus leading to decreased stroke volume and…